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Max My Gift Version History

9.1.1108.127    Changes:

  • Fixed error preventing use of the letters and reports if the file path is blank.

9.1.1105.126    Changes:

  • Fixed update check that was showing error "The underlying connection was closed".

9.1.1100.125    Changes:

  • Fixed duplicate community buildings.
  • Improved error messages on file load.
  • Fixed error causing crash in Appeal Summary.
  • Check that the file extension is .mmg to prevent attempt to load incorrect files.

9.1.1091.124    Changes:

  • Improved removal of old gifts.
  • Sometimes there was a problem with deleting a gift that is displayed on a screen. All other open pages are now closed on delete.

9.1.1077.123    Changes:

  • Changed version numbers (version 9 just matches the data file release number).
  • Added more checks to ensure the message submitted to HMRC is complete. The code was allowing submissions without a forename that were rejected.

1.1.1044.122    Changes:

  • The previous correction to the HMRC gateway transaction service server name that was preventing submissions was not a complete solution for all users.

1.1.1042.121    Changes:

  • Correction to the HMRC gateway transaction service server name that was preventing submissions.

1.1.1037.120    Changes:

  • Updated to support the HMRC gateway transaction service that must be used from February 2018.

1.1.1006.119    Changes:

  • Updated the Gift Aid Declaration form in line with the HMRC recommendations 2016.
  • Improved exception handling around writing files if they are already in use.
  • Show the selected folder when browsing for a new folder
  • Reset the donation report progress bar after use.
  • Corrected the date of the first and last gifts in the donor gift letter when all the letters are produced together.
  • Deleting donor references sometimes caused a problem as the removal was not immediately recognised.
  • The gifts in the Appeals screen sometimes became unsynchronised with the donor names.

1.1.996.118    Changes:

  • Added a test to the telephone numbers so that unrecognised, non-UK numbers will not be submitted to HMRC for the charity and Gift Aid manager.
  • Change the Charity HMRC reference to the one in the licence as soon as the licence is applied. This ensures the correct HMRC reference is sent to the servers.

1.1.969.117    Changes:

  • The HMRC server address was not always set correctly.
  • Added further check that a reclaim is only attempted if there is an amount to reclaim.

1.1.964.116    Changes:

  • Fix "Add" and "Skip" buttons on the gift entry screen by appeal as they were not working correctly.

1.1.960.115    Changes:

  • Fix for error when try to set up new database and the licence has already been set
  • Fixed strange postcode entry behaviour on the Community Buildings form
  • On first time use if Gift Aid manager details were not set there was a problem on the small donations screen.

1.1.951.114    Changes:

  • Support for the message schema for submissions on or after 6 April 2015
  • Postcodes in the Gift Aid Donations are mandatory unless the overseas indicator for the donor is set

1.0.932.113    Changes:

  • Removed references to limited company.
  • Fixed minor typo in Gift Aid declaration template.

1.0.924.112    Changes:

  • Improved postcode entry so it is formatted with a space in the correct place if necessary.
  • Report of all gifts between two periods extended to include the donor reference.

1.0.921.111    Changes:

  • Totals were not always updated immediately.
  • Some more double-click mouse events responded to, inproving workflow.
  • Additional checks on data integrity.

1.0.909.110    Changes:

  • When the trial period has expired it is now much more obvious that new data will not be saved.
  • The version number is displayed on the startup screen in the bottom right hand corner.

1.0.906.109    Changes:

  • Inserting gift information directly into the Appeal screen fixed where the cell entry was moving unexpectedly.
  • Typing in the reference field on the Appeal screen now works correctly.

1.0.898.108    Changes:

  • Fixed a problem when loading donor information from a CSV file.
  • Provide more information and check postcode validity when importing donor information from file.

1.0.892.107    Changes:

  • Fixed a potential problem where there are multiple reclaims and an older reclaim may lose some information.
  • Fixed error caused if there is no password for submission.

1.0.887.106    Changes:

  • Fixed screen not refreshing correctly when all the gifts are removed from a gift period.

1.0.880.105    Changes:

  • Fixed small problem loading a database by double clicking on it.

1.0.875.104    Changes:

  • Added "Other Income".
  • Added Gift Aid Small Donations.
  • Added Community Buildings.
  • Improved installation.

1.0.651.103    Changes:

  • Charity details screen made clearer. No longer grey text.

1.0.645.101.    Changes:

  • Separate licence details from Gateway Porter.

1.0.632.100.    Changes:

  • Context sensitive menus added to grids.
  • Tweaks to the reclaim process following live submission.


  • Charity manager details extended to include trustees.


  • Donor selection not always working as expected.
  • Donor list sorting not always refreshing.


  • Ctrl-A selects all in notes fields
  • Corrected issue when setting full licence

1.0.592.96 : First released version.

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G-Porter Version History

9.1.1056.19    Changes

  • Speculative fix to stop Windows reporting a problem when launching the program.
  • Please note version 9.1 requires the purchase of a new licence.

9.1.1054.18    Changes

  • Changes to support the HMRC gateway transaction service that must be used from April 2019.
  • Changed version numbers to match Max My Gift major version.
  • Updated British Forces PO to postcode map file.
  • Please note this requires the purchase of a new licence.

1.1.1033.17    Changes

  • Changes to support the HMRC gateway transaction service that must be used from February 2018.

1.1.982.16    Changes

  • Improved the error messaging to make it more obvious if the submission is not sent.

1.1.956.15    Changes

  • Improved the validation in the main screen to prevent the submission of an overclaim adjustment without an accompanying claim

1.1.953.14    Changes

  • Support for the message schema for submissions on or after 6 April 2015
  • Postcodes in the main donations file are mandatory unless the overseas indicator for the donation is set
  • Additional validation checks for the postcode if the submission is on or after 6 April 2015

1.0.799.13    Changes

  • The configuration file has flags to indicate whether the first row of the data files read in should be treated as a header.  This results in cleaner output when there is a header.

1.0.782.12    Changes

  • When closing the GPorter user interface and there are still messages being written it no longer errors.
  • A single full stop as a house number caused the program to error.

1.0.776.11    Changes

  • Fixed issue with reading GASDS file.
  • Fixed losing filenames when switching to and from configuration settings.

1.0.771.10    Changes

  • Added mapping for British Armed Forces postal codes into standard UK postcodes.

1.0.764.9    Changes

  • Improved the Title field data cleansing and checks.

1.0.754.8    Changes

  • If there was a problem when connecting via a proxy server the error message was not being reported to the user.

1.0.747.7    Changes

  • Removal of unprintable control characters from data whilst cleansing.
  • Added a note in the user guide recommending the use of compression.

1.0.734.6    Changes

  • Added support for 'Other Income'.
  • Added Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme including Community Buildings and Connected Charities.
  • Added ability to adjust for a previous claim that was too high.

1.0.695.5    Changes

  • Performance enhancement.
  • Fixed issue when no forename or surname given in extract file.
  • Improved data cleansing, removing illegal characters from fields.

1.0.681.4    Changes

  • Code digitally signed to verify authenticity.

1.0.676.3    Changes

  • Windows interface added.
  • Improved postcode parsing.

1.0.649.2    Changes

  • Message added to log when fully licenced.

1.0.648.1 : First released version.

Please submit any feedback in the Contact page.