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Gift Aid - What is it all about?

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What is Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a simple way for your charity to increase the value of gifts of money received from UK taxpayers.  Max My Gift and G-Porter both make claiming online easy as all the complicated submission is dealt with behind the scenes.

The programs also have checks built in to help ensure that an online submission will succeed.

What is a Gift Aid declaration?

Max My Gift can produce a Gift Aid declaration form and maintain records of declarations made.

What can I claim Gift Aid on?

Max My Gift maintains records of all types of gifts made by donors.

What is a benefit for Gift Aid purposes?

You have to be a little careful if there is a benefit received by the donor when a gift is made.

Do I need to keep records of Gift Aid donations?

The main aim of Max My Gift is to collate and maintain records of donors and the gifts they make.  As Max My Gift has a database at its heart, the donor details only need be entered once and are easily linked to the gifts.

Everything is kept in one place so you can find it when you need it.

Is my charity a trust or a company?

Both G-Porter and Max My Gift can be used by a trust or a company.  If your charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) is a company then enter the annual account year end date in the Max My Gift charity details screen.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs

Both G-Porter and Max My Gift can be used by a Community Amateur Sports Club.

How do I run a sponsored event and claim Gift Aid?

Max My Gift can record total amounts collected by a sponsor against the person being sponsored. It is, however, not the participant of the sponsored event who is the donor.  Any amounts collected over £500 must be recorded separately under the donor's record rather than the participant.

Where the amount collected is recorded against the participant, you must keep the sponsorship forms as part of your records for audit purposes.

How do I claim Gift Aid and how often can I claim?

Max My Gift and G-Porter can be used to make claims more frequently than once a year.  It is easy to reclaim monthly if you wish, provided each claim is for more than £100.

There is no need to worry about the format of the data sent to HMRC as these programs will handle all the hard work for you.

How should I list donations on the schedule?

Max My Gift make it easy to record all donations and so aggregating claims is not really necessary.  Aggregating amounts from different donors is not really recommended as it makes any audit process more complicated.

What are the time limits for claiming Gift Aid?

There are time limits for reclaiming Gift Aid.  It makes sense to reclaim at least once each year and Max My Gift will include relevant gifts with associated declaration forms going back four years.

What happens if my charity is selected for a Gift Aid audit?

If your charity is selected for a Gift Aid audit then you will be glad you made the choice to record electronically.  This is the easiest way to demonstrate all the appropriate records have been kept and these should tie up with the charity's accounts.

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