Max My Gift Max My Gift

Gift Aid Management made easier.

Download G-Porter

The only prerequisite required is that the .NET Framework 3.5 (x86) is installed.

The download is a zipped file containing the following components:

The executable has been virus scanned

Checksums to verify the authenticity of the G-Porter files (instead of code signing).

Download Max My Gift

If these are already installed, you can download the installation file MMGSetup.msi

If they're not already installed, download the setup file setup.exe into the same folder as the installation file and run that instead.

If you already have a version earlier than 1.0.875.104 of Max My Gift installed, please use "Add or remove programs" to uninstall the earlier version.  Any data you have created will not be lost.

It is difficult to evaluate without entering quite a lot of data so here is an example data file to load into Max My Gift.


The files have been virus scanned and checksums are here: Checksums (instead of code signing)